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THE-FACE-ONLY allows you to indulge in a nurturing feeling of well-deserved comfort and care, while your first beauty treatment will leave you looking fresh and charming.
Dubai services entail identical selections of treatments as their European and International networks, such as clients’ favorite sculpting massages, HydraFacial, PRX-T33 therapeutic treatments, and formidable Face and Power Lift.
The brand has won over the appreciation of plenty of acclaimed skincare brands, such as SkinCeuticals, Dr. Barbara Strum, and Foreo, rightfully boasting about offering pristine services to their clients.
Ranging from the latest beauty treatments to authentic facial massage techniques, THE-FACE-ONLY open space format encompasses it all into one new-generation format. One key feature of THE-FACE-ONLY is the effortless sign-up system for the skin care treatment and beauty-bar menu.
The company’s goal for 2023 is to make its mark on the UAE facial care industry while expanding its salons and franchises in USA, Chinа and Europe.
A new trend for natural beauty will emerge due to our professionally trained specialists, says Tayana Trtange, the director of the space, who is certain that Naturalness is the new black.
BlueWaters Boulevard, bld 7